Departing: Yes the seagull is real:)
03 Mar 2015

FRASERBURUGH – “The Lonely Fish Port”

Chapter 1: “FIRST IMPRESSIONS”   Missing my bus at Union Square Aberdeen cost me a one hour wait to catch the next bus to Fraserburgh. A place I had done no research about. I didn’t even got the time to Google its basics as I was pretty caught up with stuff when leaving

28 Feb 2015


When it comes to the hip, uptown and vibrant youth fashion nothing beats our very own boy brand Equator.  The brand produces premium quality, casual and semi-formal clothes primarily targeting the youth and teenage market comprising of girls, boys and men. Since its inception it has been working in collaboration

27 Feb 2015

Puppy Love

As the sluggish winters are making their way out and the daily sunshine has begun hinting us about the arrival of summers, fashion brands all around Pakistan are gearing up to launch their summer collections, or more accurately, the ‘Spring/Summer’ collections as we know them. Like every changing season, this

18 Feb 2015

“From Char-Coal to Diamond”

Alert: This is not your average, run of the mill content piece promoting a brand or a business. In fact it is a love story or more poetically put a love affair between a brand and its creative agency. When Charcoal first met team Black Box Concepts it was an adolescent

Reception Area at The Lounge by Depilex MEN
14 Feb 2015

5 Reason to ‘Lounge’ at Depilex MEN

  My pedicure was a few weeks over due. Yeah, I know you think that it’s gay for guys to get a pedicure and I’m sure you’re man enough to be moved by the idea of getting your dental cleaning done twice a year, trim your nasal hair, using hair products

At Soi Bangla
05 Oct 2014

Sin City Asia – From Thailand with lust

I love traveling. Being a photographer, one of my life long dreams is to work while on a leisure trip. Who wouldn’t want that? I have travel to a lot of countries for work as well as leisure but for some odd reason, I never got an opportunity to visit